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Resume Books

What are our Resume Books?
Resume Books are our virtual collections of student resumes who have opted in to share their resumes. In order to access the books, create an employer Career4Terps account. You can also collect resumes by posting a job in Careers4Terps for students to access and apply to your positions.

How can the Resume Books benefit my organization?
It is an ideal service if you have:

  • Immediate hiring needs
  • Want to recruit UM students when On-Campus Interviewing is not taking place
  • Missed a career fair and want to search resumes

User policy: Student resumes will be transmitted on the condition that parties outside of your organization will not be permitted access to the resumes without the written consent of the student. Third-party recruiters are not granted access to our resume books, but they can post jobs in Careers4Terps for student to see.

How do I access Resume Books ?
Have an account in Careers4Terps? Login to Careers4Terps. Go to the Resume Book tab and search by the various categories. You can search by major, year in school, or keyword. Resumes are in pdf format to print or download. If you need assistance with this process, call 301.314.7225.

Don't have an account in Careers4Terps? Register by reading the Employer Statement of Understanding. At the bottom of the page, if you agree, click "I agree" which will take you to the Careers4Terps registration page.