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April 24, 2014
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Internship Seminar
UNIV 099 - 0 credit
UNIV099 is a zero-credit­ Internship Seminar that is designed to complement supervised internship experiences of undergraduate students and graduate students. This course is open to all majors, and it should help students reflect upon their internship experience, as well as their academic coursework.

UNIV099 is offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Students can repeat UNIV099.
Course Requirements
Students are required to meet a MINIMUM of 75 hours at the internship by the end of the semester.
Students are also required to submit course assignments due on the last day of classes.
Documentation & What You Need to Do
Complete 75 hours or more at your internship site
You will submit a timesheet signed by you AND your supervisor at work, detailing the number of hours worked each week. The total number has to add up to 75 hours or more.
Submit a self-evaluation, describing what you accomplished during the internship and how it helped you (or did not help) clarify or reach your career goals
Fill out online form in Careers4Terps called “Student Self-Evaluation”.
Submit a reflection assignment, summarizing what you have learned and making a connection to your classroom learning
Fill out online form in Careers4Terps “Reflection Assignment”.
Submit a timesheet detailing the hours you interned each week, signed by you and your supervisor
Download the timesheet in Canvas and submit either through email (univ099@umd.edu), fax (301.314.9144), or drop it off in our Center (3100 Hornbake Library, South Wing)
Your employer must submit an evaluation form for you
A few weeks before the semester ends, employers will receive an email with a link to your evaluation form directly from the Career Center.
You can: update your supervisor’s email address in Careers4Terps; tell them to expect it; ask if they have received it; politely remind them to fill it out a few weeks after they receive it.
Submit an evaluation for this course
Fill out evaluation form online in Careers4Terps
“Course Evaluation”
You can and should: be honest in your evaluation – your grade in this course has nothing to do with how you evaluate this course.
UNIV099 does not require students to attend any lectures, seminars, or classes.
The course instructor will correspond with students to provide directions for how to submit the final Course Packet. Grades will be assigned on a Satisfactory/Failure (S/F) basis. Incomplete grades will automatically turn into Failures after 6 months.
How to Register (Click here for step-by-step screenshots
1.       Visit www.careers.umd.edu and click on the “Careers4Terps” link. Log in using your UID.
2.       If you have not used “Careers4Terps” before or have not signed in this semester, you will be asked to update your information before you can access the application.
3.       Once you have signed in, click “UNIV099 Application” under the C4T Quicklinks section on the right side of the homepage.
4.       To start a new application, click “Add New”.
5.       Fill out the “Student Information Form”, “Internship Information”, and “Learning Contract”.  This is all located in the first tab. You MUST print this form, have your Internship Supervisor sign it, and return it back to the University Career Center BEFORE you start your internship.
6.       Submit the SIGNED form, along with an official offer letter and job description to the University Career Center by email (univ099@umd.edu ), dropping them off at the University Career Center (3100 Hornbake Library, South Wing), OR faxing them to 301-314-9114 – Attn: UNIV099.
The offer letter has to include:
  • start and end dates that fall within the beginning and end of the term for which you are applying.  Check on Testudo.
  • number of hours per week
  • compensation
  • address of the workplace (NOT company headquarters),
  • name of your internship supervisor
7.       Check your email.  A University Career Center staff member will review your paperwork and will email you (within 1 week) regarding course registration.
8.        Register for UNIV099 on Testudo after you have received an email from the Career Center saying that you have permission to register.
9. International Students

After receiving registration authorization, take the following to your International Student and Scholar Services Advisor(ISSS):
  •   Offer letter
  •   Learning Contract 
Deadline to Register:
Visit the academic deadlines calendar to see the deadlines to register for each semester. Registration for UNIV099 will be granted to students who wish to register AFTER the deadline on a case-by-case basis.

For More Information:
Contact the course instructor at UNIV099@umd.edu or call the University Career Center at 301.405.0275.